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This video was for the 2014 Addy Awards in Miami. It presents all the winners submissions that won a Gold Addy Award. This was done for Artex Productions and was a team effort. I was responsible for creating the layouts of the winner submissions that are displayed on screen, the gold text for the category screens, and assembling all of the elements in the editing. The motion graphics were done by Artex Productions Senior Motion Graphics Designer.

One of my best automotive videos. 4 days of shooting at 4 different locations. Video showcases the car getting wrapped in vinyl and also getting custom leather interior made. This was the third and final time for me shooting this Accord. The second time I shot this Accord was a four car video for Vossen Wheels that earned over 100,000 views in the first week of the video’s release. That video (seen here) went on to gain 500,000+ views over the course of a year and still continues to gain views till this day.

Vossen designed their new 2010 catalog and ordered over 40,000 prints. As a way to promote the new catalog, I shot and edited a video showing the making of the catalog from the first stage of printing, to the very end. Shooting took place over a couple different days.

This is a short Behind The Scenes video of Miami Heat player Chris Bosh picking up his brand new Range Rover on Vossen Wheels. Chris signed some HEAT jerseys and basketballs before leaving.

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